Christmas Lantern Parade and Christmas Lights 2017

Braco Primary School Parent Council are grateful for the contribution made by the Ardoch Development Trust (ADT) to the Braco Christmas Lantern Parade and Christmas Lights 2017. Some of the money provided by ADT was used to buy materials for local children to make lanterns for the parade. A number of parents were involved, volunteering their time to help deliver lantern making craft sessions to school pupils, nursery children and members of the Braco Parent and Toddler Group. This included holding a joint nursery/toddler group craft session. Over 60 children made lanterns for the event.

The event was very well attended with 90% of all children who made lanterns came along with parents and extended families, along with other community members. It is estimated that the total attendance was between 150-200


Lanterns and carol singers


Lighting the Christmas tree

This made it a great event to showcase the talents of Ardoch Strings (also supported by the ADT) and brought the whole community together. We are grateful for the money granted by ADT to provide refreshments, with additional mince pies provided by Tesco.

Ardoch Strings Photo

Ardoch Strings in full swing and great entertainment to round off the evening!