When we applied for the ADT grant at the end of 2016 our toddler group was really struggling for numbers. A few children had recently moved to school nursery and there was only 2/3 children going every week with parents and carers trying to keep the group running. Slowly our funds dwindled and we were faced with the very real possibility of the closure of a local group that has run for over 40 years. The grant, in addition to some fundraising we did, has been a lifeline for the group. It has kept the hall fees paid and allowed us to do things like panto trips at Christmas during this quieter period for the group. It has also allowed us to purchase some new resources to make the group a more attractive prospect to potential members.

This has been a really important group for many people when they first moved to the village to help them to settle in and make friends. The group membership is currently very healthy as a result of new people moving to the area and new babies being born. Members are given an opportunity to find out more about the goings on in the village, make friends and get support as parents/carers. The group also provides an important function at developing childrens’ and families relationships in preparation for attending Braco Primary School together. Thank you very much for the support given to the toddler group; it is very much appreciated by both previous and current members.